Monday, May 7, 2012

Making good time - 400 miles in

I have been doing big miles, trying for 20 or so each day. I am meeting a
friend in Damascus and want to hike low miles with him so i am getting
ahead, but it is taking its toll! My energy level today was really low, so I stopped in a Hostel right off the Trail and ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a pizza. I also bought some cheese and Moon Pies for extra food to get me to Damascus. I slack packed from Hemlock Hollow hostel and skipped Uncle
Johnny's, I think I made the right call skipping Erwin ~ I didn't like
the vibe there and heard people stayed up and partied until 4am, so I'm glad I skipped!

I just crossed mile 404! That is a lot of miles! I'm looking forward to getting to Damascus and Virginia and seeing Dan and slowing down; then, a week later, going to see CARA!!! -for her birthday. It has been hard not seeing her for over a month. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, is true.

I feel so much stronger and on a good day 20+ miles doesn't seem like a thing, even over several big mountains. Then, like today, a listless day sneaks in and 16 on supposedly easy ground kicks my ass! I always feel better after getting enough calories, and the longer I stay away from towns and hostels the more my energy flags. I will be going 22 tomorrow about the same after that and then float oh so smoothly into Damascus on Thursday afternoon. One big mountain, Pond Flats, stands in the way for tomorrow afternoon and then the terrain is relatively easy - so much so many people do a 44 or 32 mile day into Damascus.

The days have been very pleasant and the rain has come fairly regularly during the day and overnight. The Hubba Hubba leaks, and I am looking for a change out. Gaitors do nothing and you just gotta hike in wet feet, they are going back to REI. Legolas hasn't been getting much action, and may decide to go home. I can't wait to change out to my summer gear. My pack is beginning to fall apart around the edges and the waist fully cinched no longer fits my waist... so I will be taking it to REI for a new one - it really smells, so I apologize in advance!! I have lost 13 pounds, looking cut, but I can't lose more! I gotta eat more somehow.

Until next time! Hopefully I will be posting pictures soon, 3 weeks max ;)