Thursday, November 7, 2013

Adventure much lately?

I have been having domestic adventures of late. But I've not enjoyed the great outdoors much to my chagrin!

Adventures in the Domestic

I have extended closet doors, run electric wiring, installed switches and lights. Songbird has painted, patched, mudded, and painted some more. We even went to my parents place and helped them with home reno - we're getting pretty adept.
The last days of summer.
I brewed 8 cases of beer for the wedding, we created labels and boxed up all our wedding beer: White Blaze and Something Blue; and just to be confusing the two types of beer are Irish Red and Emma Brown.

 Songbird and I also recently put a contract on a house. Soon we become Virginians! Leesburg is mountain adjacent, winery adjacent, and closer to everything. Also: we'll have activities to do on the weekend close by! First Friday in Leesburg is really fun (we visited early).

I'm also very excited to be able to sport the Appalachian Trail Plates!

Halloween, that time of year when you procrastinate until two days before and steal the dogs costume to wear instead of taking the time, money, or effort to come up with something else.
Kaya wore it better

From where we'll be living we can stroll to downtown Leesburg in 1.5 miles, which I'm betting we will do regularly. We are a 20 minute drive to the AT crossing Rt 7 - so I'll be getting even more familiar with the Roller Coaster than the couple times I've done it or parts of it (like last year on my hike). Leesburg is a good jumping point to all of Virginia, Skyline Drive, Old Rag, Dolly Sods, and points south and north. Never again will we be faced with driving on 95 to go places, 81 is such a better way to go!

Work has been steady and I've learned quite a bit recently, but not done much traveling except locally. Cisco UCS, VMware, and NetApp is the name of the game lately.

Wedding planning is going great and we are anxiously awaiting next June for the good day that it's going to be and the honeymoon in Italy right afterwards! That will definitely be an adventure worth blogging about!!

That concludes this rather boring, but at the same time, from my perspective, busy/exciting/scary, period in my life! I'm hoping to do some things worthy of a travel adventure blog soon enough! Adventures in Leesburg, going to Orlando in November, and up to New Hampshire in December... all while working and moving in there too.
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