Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Titanium JetBoil Sol - research from Adventures in Stoving

Adventures In Stoving: Titanium JetBoil Sol -- CAUTION

From the article:
"The titanium version of the JetBoil Sol might have a problem.  A potentially serious problem. 

Please note that my concerns pertain to the titanium version of the JetBoil Sol only.

There have been some failures noted in the "flux ring" (heat exchanger) which is aluminum that is welded to the bottom of the titanium pot."

Apparently there is some unlikely cases where the newest JetBoil could potentially be rather dangerous. Anything that produces flames using condensed gases could potentially be dangerous, but this could be a design flaw. I'm sure JetBoil would make good on it if there actually is a problem. Hopefully they will post on this before it "blows up" on the Internet.

I don't use the JetBoil because of the weight and the lack of (in my estimation) versatility. But many people seem to really like it, and it works out great for them. I like my Pocket Rocket because of it's size and that I can use any pot on it natively, and use it to fry, boil, or even warm my hands if needed, without a proprietary pot, etc. Also JetBoil seems too expensive initially and continually with all their add-on gadgetry. Just my take though!

Be careful out there, with whatever stove and fuel type you use. Fire is hot. Tents and gear are flammable!