Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drawing Nigh

Time grows short...

The day I have been waiting for is finally here, and so it rushes at incredible speed....

I still need to show Cara how to find me using the SPOT, road maps, and Google maps. I need to ship the first box. I still need to go to Costa Rica for ten days before hiking the Trail. Oh, have I not mentioned that? Yeah, it was going to be a trip to bond with each other, Cara and I, but then we decided to see if our parents also wanted to go. So we have a party of 6. I am finally getting my mom out of the country to become a world traveler!

On Wednesday I had one last beer with some co-workers/friends at Kloby's BBQ joint in Columbia. On Thursday after work the dog goes to a friends house, and then go to another friends place much closer to the airport for the evening.

The disparity between the two vacations will be shocking, but also needed. I want to completely unwind in C.R. - no planning, no worrying, no nothing. Some light hiking, good food and wine and beer, good company. Then come back and drive to GA with my brother and into the Wild I will go, he leaving me on the shores of this adventure. It seems to be rushing to me rather quickly, after how slow the last month has been, this is suddenly hurdling toward me at break-neck speed. This is the point where I begin to second guess things. Have I remembered everything? Will I be able to handle it?

Visions of being on a lonely wind-swept mountaintop, alone, in the face of a roaring storm, with no one to share the experience with is rather daunting. Undaunted, part of me - most of me - craves it. I want to stand tall, back straight, smile on my face despite difficulties, and shout into the gale that I am strong enough to withstand, that the strength I find in myself to complete this journey will pull me through any hard times I stumble into on the other side of this hike; my reinforced strength of Will can also bolster those around me that may need a shoulder to lean on.

Each night as I lay in bed I try to capture and appreciate just knowing Cara is gently sleeping close by, all I need to do is reach out and feel the warmth of her body. Soon it will be a missed feeling, a memory that I will be hiking towards, a future I will again be looking forward to.

Words of Wisdom from a Loony Bin

Costa Rica has been in the works for 6 months. But beyond reading Lonely Planet and reserving a house, and a car I haven't done too much thinking about it. Come what may. I know it will be great. An adventure, and lots of fun. However it is mostly over-shadowed by the anticipation of hiking the Appalachian Trail. I will be surprised and happy by the things that happen in this region of the world. I will take many brilliant pictures and I will blog about this trip and give one final trip report that isn't related to hiking the AT for awhile. Trip report forth coming!