Friday, June 1, 2012

700 Miles - in Daleville VA

Wow you still follow this blog!? 

Thanks! I truly do apologize for the rare updates, after a long day priorities are basic, and trying to
conserve batteries is one of those. I did 24 miles today, working my way to Daleville where i will spend the weekend with Cara!       
To rewind a bit: the night i posted last i got sick and stayed sick for a few days. I zeroed in Damascus before meeting my friend Dan ~ he hiked for a week and we had a great time playing with ponies in the mist and
admiring all the awesome unique trees out here. His trailname is Woodteeth. The weekend of Trail Days I took Dan home and went and saw Cara for the first time in 40 days. Being her birthday weekend it only seemed right to have it not have to do with the AT!
This past week i have been really focusing on maintaining weight, after losing 20 in 40 days i began worrying it could make me get off Trail. Jim sent me protien powder, Cara had some great ideas for supplemental foods, and I am carrying only whats needed, rather than enough to last for weeks! I have began carrying not as much processed bars - I have been carrying bagels, wraps, cream cheese, pepperoni, tuna salad, Snickers, and other good stuff. 

I got into Daleville Va last night and Cara is here now. We are going to do chores and enjoy the weekend before I start back on the Trail on Sunday afternoon.

A word about gear: Less is more!!

I am carrying almost nothing that I started with, I have shed pounds of gear! Some of it has been due to gear failure, either breakage or failure to work. Here's a quick run down:

-Steripen - stopped working after I changed the batteries
-MSR Hubbahubba - It leaked too much and was heavy
-Osprey EXOS 58 - frame began breaking through the webbing

Those three I changed out for Aquamir water drops, a Black Diamond Mega Lite tarp tent, and the Osprey Talon 44. Between those biggies, I have gotten rid of a lot of odds and ends that I haven't ended up using. Also changing to summer gear saved both weight and space. I need to re-weigh, but my pack is in the low 20's with no food and water. 

I hope to be able to update more often... but don't hold your breath on daily or weekly updates! I am really enjoying my time on the Trail, I have been learning a lot about everything about me - all I've got is time to think about everything!

Thanks for following