Friday, July 13, 2012

Into the 'News'!

I am out of PA and into Jersey!

I hopped off the Trail for the weekend to go to Hershey Park, hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow me to enjoy it!

Pennsylvania was a surprisingly fun and enjoyable hike, much of that has to do with all the friends and family coming out to see me! First Cara dropped me off at PenMar, days later Mark and Evelyn showered me with Trail Magic, laundry, and a bed. Cara came back the next weekend, followed by my brother coming out to hike from Duncannon to Port Clinton where my friend Jon Banks came and met me with a hotel room, a slack pack, a brewery tour, as well as food and spirits! After Jon left I only had a few days left to get to Delaware Water Gap and into Jersey.

PA had some interesting trail; long rocky ridge tops, views southeast into farm land, hard scrambles up a cliff. Mostly though the Trail was about making miles. I kept waiting for the rocks everyone moans about, for nearly 3/4 of the state I found the terrain only slightly rockier than anywhere else on the Trail. There is one 6 mile section after Wind Gap that is horrendeous. That one section, apparently, gives the entire state a bad name! Oh, and NJ has about the same semi-rock strewn treadway that PA had. Just no river o' rocks so far... and from everything I've heard, soon the rocks end halfway through the state.

I am looking forward to the rest of the Trail, really excited about, actually. I am really looking forward to getting into the northeast and getting back into some real mountains.