Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here in Monson

I've made really good time through Maine, with good new friends and catching up with old too.
It's hard to imagine that this trip is really winding down! Where I stand is just over 100 miles from the end of the Trail! The hundred mile wilderness stands between me and the end, filled with rocks and roots, hills and river fords. Mountains, except Katadyn, are mostly behind me, the Barren Chairbacks and one other peak that are both much smaller than many already scaled. Hikers are getting all poetic and misty eyed, many are excited to be done, others have slowed way down to enjoy the moments.  The south bounders are all so new looking, except the flip floppers that have the thru hiker look about them.
The terrain in the last few days has been fantastic, in my esteem, I did quick miles and made the ferry over the Kennebec just before 4 pm and had a great stay at the Sterling Inn in Caratunk before doing a couple days of hiking to get here. I'm taking a zero here tomorrow to recharge my body for the final push. The Lakeside House where I'm staying has kayaks for use, so I'll be relaxing and playing around on the lake. Another reason to relax tomorrow is to ensure that I arrive at Baxter after Labor Day, as it would probably be madhouse.
Oh! I saw a moose, and she even let me capture her on camera before she gracefully crashed through the underbrush away from me. I've fallen asleep to the sounds of loons singing their mournful song, and the gentle lapping of a mountain lake lolling me to sleep.