Friday, August 12, 2011


Legolas is a Lego lantern that found me on the clearance shelf at the REI in Rockville, MD over a year ago. He has since been on every backpacking trip that I have been on, as well as some other trips too!

I keep him around for several reasons. One he is a great conversation starter and ice-breaker with other people on the trail. Additionally he IS a lantern, so he works well to keep the tent lite up while reading at night. And lastly, I take pictures of him where ever I go, like the traveling gnome. Oh, and he's AWESOME!

Legolas has his own Facebook page too. However, the powers that be realized that Legolas is the same name as the elf in LotR so his name on FB is Ogel Legoman.

Places Legolas has been so far:
Spruce Knob, Dolly Sods, Zion, Bryce, San Francisco, Washington State, Cacapon, Bahamas, Trail Days, Cabin camping, winter hiking to Harpers Ferry, and Laurel Highlands!

He has been all over. And he is coming with me on the AT. He is my luxury item! Everyone needs one, and he is mine.